Cancellation & Refunds

Core Balance Training, LLC


Cancellation Policy: You may cancel your Core Balance Training Program trial or membership anytime by clicking the "Cancel Subscription" button in your account settings, or by emailing your request through our Contact Us form or to [email protected]. Cancelling before your trial ends avoids any charges or payments. If you wish to cancel but are unable before your 7 day trial ends, you have another 7 days after the trial to cancel and request a full refund on your membership payment.

Refund Policy: All refunds are accepted within 14 days of enrollment in the Core Balance Training Program, no questions asked. The 14-day refund period begins on the day of enrollment in the membership or 7-day trial. The Refund Policy applies to the first full or monthly payment for the Core Balance Training Program, and does not apply to any 7-day trial fee. After the first 14 days, the Core Balance Training Program does not allow for refunds of any kind. The material in this course has been crafted through exceptional amounts of research, education, training and experience, and no refunds or compensation of any amount are processed after the first 14 days.