Don't Take Our Word For It

We've received an overwhelming number of genuine success stories from former CBT students.


Jan Lembke

Santa Rosa, CA

Rohan de Launey  


"First of all THANK YOU! Phase 1 & 2 of this program has changed my life. Its only been a couple months, but I have been surfing, climbing, hiking w/ a heavy pack regularly! 

The awareness and confidence I've gained with my back has given me a new lease on life. No flair ups since I started your program. 

I've lived with back pain for 10 yrs and I'm kicking myself for not finding this solution sooner!"

Gloria Streett

Retired Nurse

"My back's not hurting! My SI Joint's not hurting! 

Even my doctor is impressed and said people can avoid unnecessary drugs, shots and surgery with this program.

After 20 years of dealing w/chronic back pain, I am now totally pain free!! And I absolutely believe this is a long-term solution to my back and joint pain.

Dr Peebles goes way above and beyond to help you get out of back pain. He individualizes his training and coaching by addressing everybody's special needs, and he responds to all my questions quickly. I cannot imagine a better way to present this program than the way he designed it."

Aaron Musicant

Ecstatic Dance Teacher

"I’ve had a marked decrease in back pain, and most days no pain at all. It's clear that this is an important piece of the puzzle. It’s becoming natural to walk, bend and work with good core alignment, which feels exciting!

I think this is an extremely valuable program (and well designed) and I’m very grateful I found it!

I have had trouble making things I want into habits. I think the fact that this worked so well and I was so frustrated/in pain made it possible."

Nick Balzano



"Wow, just wow. So excited to start my journey! I am 52 years old with a young man looking body, but I feel like I am 70. Been having back problems since my mid 20's. Always argued with Chiro and PT about not wanting to do the bridge exercise because it left me with pain in my lower back and muscle spasms in my glutes. So instead they would take a ball and put it under my knees and tell me to go from side to side.
I just tried doing it with the technique Dr Ryan showed in the video and wow, I can't believe I am able to do it, hold it for 20 seconds, 3 times, and felt sooo different. Did not feel my glutes spasming out. Instead I felt my stomach muscles react. I can't believe I'm doing it and like it! For years and years I hated the bridge. I feel like this is a great start, it's like a miracle!!

I am recommending you to all my family and friends. I keep sending them your web link when they ask.

You are the Angel that my Mom (RIP) who didn't want me in pain, helped me find you.

To think that before I found you, I was getting ready for spine surgery...what a miracle u have been to me and I am forever grateful!"


Dolores Amenson Palmer

Women's Personal Trainer

Core Balance Training Program

Reverse The Root Cause Of Lower Back Pain With A Deep Connection To Your Core In Posture & Movement.
A New Paradigm In Body Awareness.

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Daniel Howard

Founder & CEO, Quantum Energy Consultants 

"I spent over 20 years learning how to manage my back pain. I tried everything. Everything.

It wasn't until I found Core Balance Training that I found a long-term solution that targets the root cause of the problem directly, which, for me is what makes it different than anything else that's out there.

This is a revolutionary way to heal back pain and it's completely changed my life.

I surf pain-free, I sit pain-free, I sleep pain-free. I'm incredibly grateful and I highly, highly recommend CBT"

Gloria Locklear


"Week three and my pain level is a 1; when I started it was a 15!!

I'm working the program at my own pace and seeing progress that is awesome.

I would highly recommend this to everyone with back pain.

Dr. Ryan is there for you in what ever way you need.  He's quick to help you with any questions or concerns you have.. Thank you for being there for me."

Jamey Nelson

Landscape Architect

"I feel fantastic. Exponentially better. I’m starting week eight tomorrow and, to be honest, I’m kind of bummed that it’s ending.

I haven’t had back pain for at least three weeks. I’m surfing and playing tennis! I'm landscaping at least two days per week and replacing all of the floors in my house.

I’m sleeping SO much better. And I actually am standing more erect too!
Win on all levels. I’m claiming success and I thank you, Dr. Peebles!"


Jamey Nelson

Landscape Architect

Natalie Diane

Women's Coach 

"I've spent over 10 years working with physical therapy, training, chiropractic, acupuncture, pilates, massage, rolfing and more to address my chronic hip and back pain. Ryan's Core Balance Training Program is the missing piece to not just relieving, but resolving my pain. His program is simple, accessible and profound. It's helping me establish a connection to my deep core, my power, that was missing previously. With basic practices and an emphasis on discovering my own unique healing process I've been empowered to make steady progress and forge a new, healthier, relationship with how I relate to, and move my body.

As a coach, Ryan is extraordinarily kind, supportive, and encouraging. He listens and cares deeply, and believes wholeheartedly in my ability to heal. Rather than establishing himself as the authority, he consistently guides me back to my own inherent wisdom with gentle, clear, and effective guidance. His passion for his work and ego-free confidence in the efficacy of his program is inspiring and trustworthy. Working one-on-one with him has been a massive catalyst for my progress. I'm beyond grateful for his skill and expertise."

Core Balance Training Program

Reverse The Root Cause Of Lower Back Pain With A Deep Connection To Your Core In Posture & Movement.
A New Paradigm In Body Awareness.

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Aaron Musicant

Construction Worker, Dance Teacher

Sarah Tremblay

"Pain is significantly reduced since I started this program! Thank you for being so generous of your time. I do not regret having chosen the package with phone calls."

Luiza de Moraes Campos

Film Director

 "Definitely overall progress. More space in the spinal canal has alleviated symptoms.  I'm sleeping better, less pain"

Marina Bohn


"Ryan has helped me with so many different issues in my body like back and hip pain with knowledge and expertise that I trust."

C.C. Shelp


Special Education 

"I was having great difficulty walking up stairs. The pain I was experiencing was becoming unbearable. When you add the fact that I was fast approaching my 50th journey around the sun it was freaking me out that I was perhaps starting to fall apart. After having a very detailed conversation with Ryan and having him analyze my gait he was able to help design some easy but very purposeful exercises. By using the tools that Ryan has given me, I have over come my hip pain and have even started to do Yoga!

Thank you Ryan for helping me learn how to take care of my body!!

Added: I would like to add that i am now currently walking 5 miles every day (2.5 am 2.5 pm)! this includes hills and flat road. There was a time when that wouldn't have been possible. Ryan taught me that if I'm not moving healthily, then I'm causing damage. I am forever grateful that Ryan helped me."


Dr. Daniel Howard Ph.D

Environmental Engineer

Core Balance Training Program

Reverse The Root Cause Of Lower Back Pain With A Deep Connection To Your Core In Posture & Movement.
A New Paradigm In Body Awareness.

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Edward Brecker


"I have experienced severe low back pain for the last two years. Had a lot of PT before but was not given the specific directions on how to do things correctly.
I am more mindful of my core, and have gained the understanding that pain is due to a muscular imbalance. Degenerative arthritis is not the real issue.
I would like to thank you for putting together such a comprehensive core rehab program. "

Lani Reagan

Intuitive Life Coach

 "Core Balance Training has made a huge difference in how I take care of my body and how I move my body. I've been in the health and wellness industry for over 18 years, and it's made such a difference in my life that I now recommend my clients to see Dr. Ryan.  If you have the chance to enroll in his class, you won't be disappointed. It's not only going to decrease your back pain, it will help you maintain ever after that!

I believe Dr. Ryan's work is truly revolutionary and it just helps people to have a different type of awareness in the body...He brings some very unusual material to the table and to this day, when I meet somebody who has back pain, I send them to Dr. Ryan"

 Vicki Ensley

"The control I'm gaining is very noticeable and I'm loving that we can go at our own pace.
I am super pleased and hopeful (for the first time in a long time!), and that is a good enough start for me! I definitely wanted to update you and thank you for all your advice and your responsiveness, not just to me, but to all of us in the program. I watch all the videos over and over again. Thank you so very, very much for your faith and confidence in your program and in me/us!"


Bridget Dobrowski

Non-Profit Managing Director

Core Balance Training Program

Reverse The Root Cause Of Lower Back Pain With A Deep Connection To Your Core In Posture & Movement.
A New Paradigm In Body Awareness.

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Sunil Mahadik


IT Project Manager at a large pharmaceutical chain

I see improvements when I apply the concepts from the Core Balance Training Program to my day to day life. These are concepts that I wasn't aware of before and I'm seeing a reduction in symptoms and an increase in functional activities, without pain. The concepts in this program have provided me a long-term solution to back pain. 

One of the most beneficial components of the program is the personalized movement critique through video review by Dr. Ryan. That has been most helpful. I, by nature, am not usually a contributor, but I learn from the video critiques he posts for others. 

The way he designed the program,  step-by-step,  concepts building upon each other, has been very useful.  He's an excellent teacher and created a great program. I am grateful to you, Doctor!  Enjoying it from the bottom  of my core.

Core Balance Training Program

Reverse The Root Cause Of Lower Back Pain With A Deep Connection To Your Core In Posture & Movement.
A New Paradigm In Body Awareness.

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Lani Reagan

Neurostructural Bodyworker, Certified Yoga Teacher, Intuitive Life Coach

David Whitlow

"After just three days, my back, neck, and hips are already feeling much better. If I'm feeling this much improvement after just three days, I can't wait to see how I will feel in three months!

Update 10 days later: I can’t wait to wake up in the morning and get to my next lesson. Often I repeat the meditation at the end of the day. I am taking my time and reviewing the tutorials often to incorporate anything I may have missed.

I love how core meditations allow me to figure out for myself to do sets or to hold positions in the progressions."

Mario LLano

Owner RI Tennis Academy

"I have only responded to about 3 FB ads ever. Most seem scammy. I was a bit skeptical about this one also.

To my surprise, Dr. Ryan Peebles is the real thing.  I’m very impressed with his dedication, knowledge, patience, and willingness to address and help everyone with anything they need. 

This program takes a commitment. But you're not alone as Dr. Ryan patiently guides you to success.  How much is life without pain worth to you?"

Rebecca Perkins


"I don't even know what to say. Simply thanking you for your help seems so small. My heart is full of gratitude for the challenges, the tools shared, the encouragement and your incredible level of patience. 

Your program is solid and the resources great. I find myself going back and reviewing them often.

This experience has been a gift that continues to bless my life."

John Spears


"The first time I hurt myself was in my mid 20s; that lasted on and off for a few years, and it's haunted me a little bit ever since that ski accident.

I hurt myself again in my mid-thirties and had a bad accident in my early 40s. I ended up doing the opiate shuffle after having a big wet roll of carpet dropped on me and it just crushed me. Even years later, I remember crying with my little brother, thinking I'd always be broken, and that the only answer was opiates (and possibly wheelchair) for the rest of my life. I barely had enough energy to do my work, a very frustrating journey.

Dr. Ryan Peebles was the first person to ask me "do you remember what life was like before you were hurt?"  Affirmative.  "Okay, that's good enough for me....let's get you back there!"  Everybody else said "Let's see what we can do."  I've already done that version of "let's see what we can do" and I was still in pain.  A lot.  

Then came Core Balance Training:

I'm doing much better and I'm more flexible too. I'm mostly blown away by the changes I'm seeing in my 54 yo body; this program has really been powerful.  Even my brother, who is 16 years younger than me, says "Holy Smokes, Old Man!"    We can't believe the changes in my body since I started this program, and I have significantly less pain. 

Dr. Ryan has put this program together in an amazing way, and my gosh, he answers every one of my questions and gets back to me quickly.  He's mellow and easy and he's a great teacher and coach.  He's grounded. I really admire him. I bought a lot of snake oil in my life, but I'm so focused on sticking with this program.

I paid $6000 in a 4-month span to a chiropractor and physical therapist, but I'm getting way better results out of this program. I've had several PRP shots, and vit B12 shots.  I did a lot of rehab and I'm noticing more growth and progress with THIS program, than anything I’ve ever tried previously, because it's focusing on retraining my body instead of what's not working right.  We can look at what's not working right all we want and it still doesn't work right. If I don't focus on the underlying problems that got me to this dysfunctional state, and address the cause, things'll never change.

I am so grateful to Dr. Ryan and the Core Balance Training Program!"


Wesley Eidson 

High School Teacher


Core Balance Training Program

Reverse The Root Cause Of Lower Back Pain With A Deep Connection To Your Core In Posture & Movement.
A New Paradigm In Body Awareness.

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Dolores Palmer

Women's Trainer


"I love this program so much. I have had vast improvement in my back and hip pain. I am in Phase 3 doing fantastic!!!!

I will say I am so aware of being pain free that I am sensitive to any discomfort that shows up. I can really feel a difference in my back.

This program is truly amazing. My glutes have never felt this strong. In fact I had to remind myself that I had hip pain 😉 Thank you."

Brendan Love

 "So psyched to finally be on the right path. I was definitely losing myself before I found this program. I'm nearing the end of Phase One and i’m feeling more alive and have been feeling really good on my skateboard and even just walking around (which hasn’t happened in quite some time) so huge huge win.

Thanks Dr. Ryan for everything. The group is awesome. It’s really cool to be able to learn from everyone and the time you put in on it to help everyone is seriously amazing. You’re really just in it for the people. So pure."

Savina Cavallo

Life Coach & Minister


"I have been on the program only a few weeks but I am already experiencing improvement. 

I honestly feel much less tenderness in my lower back. This is also reflecting on my knees, which ache much less also.

Ryan is very knowledgeable and supportive, answers questions quickly, and is frequently present in the Coaching Community. I highly recommend this program."

Rob Sparrow

Physical Therapist


"My name is Rob Sparrow, I am a 41 yo husband, father of 2 kids, and I am a physical therapist. I have had on and off back pain since I was 18 during my freshman year of college.  Things became more debilitating about 5 years ago, when I was on vacation and could not get off the floor for 2-3 days.  Bouts as such were happening 1-2 x a year.  

This past year I was off work for 6 weeks due to back pain   

Not only painful, but also embarrassing, since I am a Physical Therapist myself.  I have been diagnosed with HNP L3-S1 in the past 20 years.  My pain typically would be in my low back, right butt and down the leg at times.  I have been fairly active all my life surfing, swimming, and playing with the kids.   I had given up running/jogging, racquetball, skateboarding and helping people move.   Prior to MD Ryan’s Core Balance Program, I would always have a dull ache in my right buttock from the time I woke up til the end of the day.  

His program was different from any other, as it started "simple". Focusing on breathing and creating “awareness”. Things that particularly helped was breathing into my lower back and rib cage, and not focusing on diaphragmatic breathing. The back anchor was a challenge to find, but worth the wait. After getting established with the foundation of his treatment, the bridge was my next milestone. Dr Ryan had a different approach to typical exercises that therapists and trainers would do. When I would follow his protocol slowly, my dull ache in my butt was gone.  

Surprise. Surprise. After doing his prescribed exercises 10-30 mins a day, I felt stronger. Stronger in a movement, confident way, not in a "I have big muscles, now" kinda way. 

Since starting his program 5-6 months ago,  I am skateboarding, (was in a half pipe for my first time ever 2 days ago!!!), jogging, slacklining (much better), surfing, and living in a much better place.  

I can move my amplifier and heaving boxes without fear of spasms and setbacks.  

If I am inactive and sitting for 2-3 days in a row, I will start to get tight in my back.  When that happens, I reconnect and focus on my anchors and bridges and I get squared away.  

Now that I am living without pain, I tend to forget my simple exercises at times.  Word to all those out there.. be consistent.   I would recommend this program to friends, and patients.  I am forever grateful for his ability to help, teach, and heal!  THANK YOU RYAN!!!"

Ievgenii Vasiuk

"It is 3rd week of my "core balance" journey. I am feeling relief from my back pain. I have been experiencing pain (coming in waves) since 2013.

Thank YOU Ryan Peebles for your initiative, knowledge, sharing and building up this community."

Nancy Metcalf Smith


"I am so impressed and excited about the results I am experiencing after over 10 years of low back pain!! I have relief!! Your videos are perfect in every way and your teaching is very clear!
Thank you a million times for creating this for people in pain, you have a wonderful way about you. I’m grateful and feel the strength in all the progressions.
Pretty fun for being in my 60’s!!"

Ashi Goyal


"Thank you Dr. Ryan ! It’s been 4 days and I am feeling the change every day, I was feeling pain and weakness in lower back almost all the time, now I feel better and no pain at times. I am very positive going forward as I already see this training helping me with the pain! Thank you!"

Core Balance Training Program

Reverse The Root Cause Of Lower Back Pain With A Deep Connection To Your Core In Posture & Movement.
A New Paradigm In Body Awareness.

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Cherie Baker

Physical Therapy Assistant (retired)



I'm 60 years old and have been dealing with back pain since I was in my twenties (so, yeah, over 30 years!)

This first came on when I tried to lift my brother's motorcycle that fell over in our driveway and I ripped my back muscles.

About 20 years later, I was diagnosed with scoliosis. There's a curvature in my spine and an indentation on one side.

I've had constant pain for 30+ years.

I can't take meds on a regular basis, b/c it makes me bleed, but I'd like to do something to prevent surgery.

I've gone to chiropractors at least once per month and it does help, but the nagging pain is still there; it never fully goes away, but I cope.

I am very, very active.  I don't let the pain stop me from being active.

Doctor's did an MRI 12 years ago and actually asked me "how are you even walking?"  My spine is straight, then there's a big C-curve to the right, then it's straight again.  It's weird.

Two years ago, I thought I was going to have to go on disability b/c I was having a hard time getting in and out of a car.  I was almost to the point of not being able to walk anymore. I kept going, but it has not been easy. 

Out of my own pocket, I had a stem cell injection in my right hip, b/c my hips were like totally numb. I functioned better, but still in pain. 

I enrolled in Dr. Ryan's program.  I didn't have any hesitation at all.  I knew this was what I had been searching for!  Since the beginning of the program, I have noticed incredible changes and improvement in many areas, but especially my core strength. I have scoliosis (which is a severe curve in the spine), the movement retraining exercises I do daily in the program are noticeably reducing the curve, all by strengthening muscles in my core. When I first saw Dr. Ryan's program I thought it might prevent surgery in the future as this is the direction my body was heading. I now KNOW that surgery will never need to happen because this program is teaching me how to get control over my body, break poor habits and connect me with my core again. MY HEALTH IS WORTH THIS COMMITMENT!

I am devoted for life,  Cherie Baker.


Cheryl Turpen


"Just finished week one.  Today, for the 1st time in a long time, I realized I had NO pain in my back as I got out of bed!  This is huge for me.  I am often in so much pain that I can hardly support my weight on my legs.  We’ve bought a new mattress and still terrible pain, until I get moving around. 

Today - no pain.

Thank you."

Scott Smith

Media Salesperson


"Core Balance Training has been the most helpful thing I've tried in terms of reducing pain and making me feel like I have a much better understanding of what 'core workout' means.  It's an understatement to say that I've experienced decreased pain and increased body awareness...It feels like a quantum leap in body awareness.  In the first few lessons of the program, I learned how to shift my movement from limb-dominant to core-dominant.  This delivered almost instant relief to my long term pain, and I'm back to doing what I love after learning how to move from my core."

Wesley Eidson

An Educator and Amateur Philosopher


"The Core Balance Training Program has been the missing piece I’ve been looking for in regards to real relief from back pain.

I’ve tried the short term band aid fixes and I am very happy to have found a program that addresses my long term health and well being."

Vicki Ensley

Stay at home mom of three young daughters



I have been struggling with back pain for 13 years. I have tried chiropractors, physical therapists, ice, heat, MRI's, x-rays, injections, and about a million different exercises. I have seen program after program and smirked at all of them...until I listened to Dr. Ryan's story. It sounded so familiar, as my husband and I have even joked about me going back to school to specialize in back treatment! Well, Dr. Ryan did that so that I don't have to. His program begins with the basics--I mean the very basics. I love that I have a very simple baseline to go to when I have setbacks.

My situation is a little different from most, but that has only seemed to encourage Dr. Ryan to help me find my answers. I update him regularly on where I'm at and I try to stay active on the platforms he has provided for all of us to encourage each other. There is so much positivity and so much learning that goes on in those platforms!

It is a great system and really great program that has carried me through some pretty crazy setbacks. I am so grateful I have had those basic exercises to lean on physically, but also mentally and emotionally.

Anybody who has struggled and fought back pain for so long knows what I mean when I say anything that gives hope is crucial. I so very much appreciate Dr. Ryan and all he has done to support me in my journey out of back pain!


Core Balance Training Program

Reverse The Root Cause Of Lower Back Pain With A Deep Connection To Your Core In Posture & Movement.
A New Paradigm In Body Awareness.

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Oliver Turner



"Dr. Peebles’ Core Balance Training program is different from any coaching lessons I experienced at High School and College athletics. If there is anything like it on Youtube then I haven’t seen it and I’ve seen many wannabe gurus promising to unlock the power of supposedly hidden muscles. Dr. Peebles' approach is calm and slow. His program requirements are not burdensome, 15 minutes a day was more than enough for me. In my experience as a middle-aged athletic guy who was frustrated with lower back pain, the Core Balance program got me to approach things differently. My previous efforts had me over-stretching, over lifting, and rarely trying to balance or focus on my breathing. I began to see positive effects in a few days because I decided to trust Dr. Peebles, follow the program and abandon my previous ineffective exercise routine that I created myself. My routine only made my back worse! If someone were to follow Dr. Peebles’ program, they would have access to a patient teacher and a community of like-minded people. Lower back pain can make one feel hopeless and depressed. Dr. Peebles and the Core Balance community can give hope and relief.

I've finally stopped following all the thousand other gurus/quick fixes out there and I’ve only been following the Core Balance Training program. Getting the back anchor down used to be frustrating and feel awkward but now it’s easy! Thanks Dr Ryan Peebles!"


Marji Seeman

"I've been dealing with back pain since I was a teenager. My mom had 12 living children. We couldn’t afford to see a doctor. I thought I was healthy. Then one day, I noticed a hump in my right upper shoulder back area. I thought it was poor posture. And I kept trying to straighten up my back. And the more I tried, the more painful it became.

I don't even remember when I got diagnosed with scoliosis. I've had it almost all my life. I can hide the hump with clothes, but it hurts sometimes.

I'm 64 now and I've pushed myself to remain active, but I think I did a lot of things wrong. No one taught me how to move correctly and stay connected to my core.
Every time I went through a boot camp, I was in extra pain. Other people were in normal pain or just fatigued, but I was in pain all over my body from the activities.

I had lost hope, because I would go to the chiropractor, and feel okay for a little bit. The first time I went, I was without pain for one night and I was so happy, I cried. But it didn't last. He would drop me down and try to straighten me out all the time and make sure my hips were straightened, but it always goes back to crookedness because I'm crooked. 

Back pain will cripple you and tear you down. It's very frustrating to have it all the time.

Then Dr Ryan came up on my email. I don't even know how he came up. I do pray a lot. And I saw him and I said, Oh my god, I hope this guy is the answer to my prayers. I was afraid to call. I'm not good at that.  I worried that it could be a scam, I could be handing over money to a thief. But I decided to try it, and I'm glad that I did.

I don't think the program is real easy at first because you’ve got to get those concepts down, and you’ve got to commit to the program.

Dr. Ryan’s voice is very soothing when he talks to you. He's never ever in a rush. He's just there. He doesn't judge you. He just encourages and I like the way he keeps in touch with everyone. He's just good! 

I fully believe Dr Ryan’s program is going to be a long term solution, absolutely. I could feel the difference even when I first started the program. Today it has been a little over three weeks. I'm just sitting here and I'm not in the pain that I used to be in!

I'm going to show my chiropractor this program and tell him it's been helping me and I think he'll like it. But, you know, Dr. Ryan said, I eventually would be able to get away from chiropractic visits and that would be great for me. I think I can just take back my life."

David Greenfield

"Very happy to have joined. I really am impressed with the program so far."

Marshall Riddle

"Had I know about this program when I was 18, I could have avoided years of discomfort."

Core Balance Training Program

Reverse The Root Cause Of Lower Back Pain With A Deep Connection To Your Core In Posture & Movement.
A New Paradigm In Body Awareness.

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Mark Olejnik


"What we are being taught is a lifetime commitment. I have spent countless years commuting, on airlines, and sitting at a desk working on a laptop. The deep core is exactly that. The focus is trying to reconnect and reawaken muscle fibers that have been turned off for a long time.
From the onset, I have been looking for something to help me with my lower back and sciatica pain. I was taken by your comments that the only one who will correct the problem is me. The ownership of the problem resting squarely on me is really the starting point.

I especially like the meaning of deep core. The image is one's attempt to recruit the lowest layer of muscle fiber which requires the smallest increments of movement in the targeted areas. This provided me with the freedom not to speed towards results, but to build a foundation in my core. The more intentional I am in engaging the deep core first and then adding from there, is the goal.
Your program and the systematic exercises you provide are an excellent way to start the journey. They are also a great resource to reflect back on to make sure form is maintained for proper development of the core muscles.
The 8-week program is a building block for a lifetime of core strength lifestyle. And it is only up to me to maintain it.
I appreciate your supportive style, your availability, and your dedication to bringing awareness of how to regain core strength."

Paul Deane


"I want to start by prefacing that discipline is not my strength and I had trouble sticking with the course.
I have been a bricklayer for over 40 years and I'm a workaholic.
Retired now (age 62), but I still can't say no when someone asks me to do a job for them. It's easy for me to work hard at physical labor, but difficult to maintain a routine involving more subtle movements. However, I noticed a difference in pain level very quickly.

The beginning of my experience with the CBT Program was a phone call with Dr. Ryan, and I was really impressed with his sincerity. He told me to feel free to share this program with my wife also.
Marcella (my wife) has had the discipline to spend everyday in the lessons and movements. She worked diligently, day to day, week to week, all through the program, exactly the way it was designed to be done. I have seen a difference in her physically; she looks phenomenal. It's been very encouraging and convicting to see the change in Marcella as she's continued to progress.

I have been totally impressed with the whole program and with Dr. Ryan's presentation. It was so clear to us that his main concern was that he didn't want us to be living in pain. I was as impressed by him as a person, as much as I was by the program. He's so encouraging and grounded. He has the knowledge to really help people and he's very generous and available.

I remember asking a question in the Core Balance Coaching Community ..."Is it really possible to feel relief from this so quickly?" and another student answered me saying "it IS possible; I felt immediate relief too"

Core Balance Training Program

Reverse The Root Cause Of Lower Back Pain With A Deep Connection To Your Core In Posture & Movement.
A New Paradigm In Body Awareness.

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