You can become pain free for life
in just 15 minutes a day.

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You can be pain free for life in just 15 minutes a day.

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I’m Dr. Ryan Peebles DPT, and I've dedicated the last 20 years to reversing lower back pain. As a Doctor of Physical Therapy, I've helped people of all ages and fitness levels - from Olympians to grandparents - finally overcome chronic back pain.

The #1 thing I've learned... is that the solution is within your core.

Core Balance Training has proven effective in permanently reversing the root causes of chronic lower back pain with a 92% success rate.

And the 3 most critical things to healing lower back pain are in my masterclass. You'll learn...

The ROOT CAUSE of Chronic Lower Back Pain.
You must know it to heal it.

Who Can "Fix" The Problem.
And why our current medical system can't.

How to Rewire & Reverse the Root Cause.
Key to permanent change.

You're not alone.

Today, back pain has reached epidemic levels, not just in the United States, but throughout the world.

It’s recently become the #1 cause of disability in the country.

Chronic back pain adversely impacts your career, relationships, and your ability to participate in the everyday joys of life.

It has devastating effects on your mental health.

It can lead to clinical levels of depression, anger, fear, anxiety and hopelessness.

So it’s understandable if you’re wondering….

“Why isn’t anything working to fix my back pain?”

And why do most treatments make my pain worse?

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Stop Trying to Navigate Temporary Treatments that are Expensive or High Risk.

You shouldn't have to rely on things like chiropractic, acupuncture and other temporary solutions like the new "latest and greatest" product.

Most solutions provide a reduction in symptoms for a short time, but the root cause persists and the pain returns… often worse than before.

And dependence on pain relief comes at a high cost. It’s estimated that seeing a chiropractor twice a month for 20 years adds up to a staggering $52,000, and that's only financial cost.

Surgery, injections and pills come with high risk and dangerous side effects.

Why Modern Healthcare Can Never Heal Your Chronic Back Pain

Modern healthcare is unable to successfully reverse chronic back pain because it is "treatment" focused.

Anytime you are being "treated" for your pain, changes are being made from the outside-in.

This might work if back pain was an isolated problem, but it's not.

Chronic back pain is the result of a much deeper problem in an interconnected system of your body and mind.

The root cause of this problem can only be reversed from the inside-out.

Here is what you really should know...

The Key to Ending Chronic Back Pain is Not Outside You… It's Within Your Core

Core Balance Training empowers you to play an active role in your health by bringing your body back into balance through core-centered movements.

You’ll finally get out of the spiral of pain, and return to the full, active and joyful life you deserve.

Isn’t it time to try a proven system that actually works to reverse the root cause of chronic lower back pain? The effects are permanent.

See how in 15 mins

What is Core Balance Training?

What is Core Balance Training?

CBT is a revolutionary movement retraining program that's highly successful at reversing the root cause of back pain.

While it’s not an "exercise program", we do use exercises to achieve a greater goal:

Create a strong foundation in your deep core, improving how you use your body in everything you do.

We focus on learning core-centered movements so all your daily activities are not only pain free, they're therapeutic.

Daily movements become good for your spine instead of damaging, resulting in permanent back pain relief.

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Why Reconnecting With Your Core is the “Secret Sauce” to Ending Back Pain

Think of your core as Central Command for your entire movement system... where every movement is initiated.

When you lose communication to your core in movement, it leads to dysfunction and muscle imbalances.

You can become disconnected from your core for many reasons related to our modern lifestyle, stress, and physical or mental trauma.

Surrounding muscles go into "protection mode" by tensing up, which worsens the imbalance and the resulting pain.

Core Balance Training guides you through a structured progression of reconnecting you back to your deep core, which is your center of power.

We reprogram your movement at a fundamental level to originate from the core, which is the most effective way to permanently end chronic lower back pain.

And the benefits extend far beyond becoming pain-free...

You’ll be able to return to activities you enjoy without the fear of hurting your back.

“So Where's My Deep Core, Anyway?”

The training focuses on your deep core, which is layers beneath your “6 pack abs”, and is mostly smaller muscles designed to create stability for your spine. This is where the problem lies (and the healing occurs).

When you lose spinal stability from an inactive deep core, your bigger surface muscles tighten up in an attempt to protect your spine.

The symptom you feel is muscle stiffness, or tightness.

In the training, you’ll learn the exact steps to reactivate your deep core, and keep it active during movement.

Once you develop this strong foundation, your surface muscles no longer need to tighten up to “protect” the weak area. They'll feel safe to relax.

Your body heals and restores balance, which allows you to get out of the cycle of stretching for relief.

By the end of the training, you’ll know how to move in a healthy way - from your core. Movement becomes good for you.

Whatever you’re engaged in during the day becomes a therapeutic activity that promotes further core activation, healing and pain relief.

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Only You Can Heal the Underlying Cause of Your Back Pain

We need to move away from the “fix me” mindset.

When you go to healthcare practitioners to get adjustments, pain killers, injections and surgery, you are receiving passive healthcare. This creates dependence, not true change.

Core Balance Training is changing the way the world addresses back pain by moving away from a passive treatment approach (the “fix-me” mindset of the medical system)…. and towards an active health participant mindset (education and personal action).

There’s no pill, acupuncture needle, back cracking, or any other treatment that can heal your deep core more than your own daily movements and habits.

Core Balance Training empowers you to control the health of your back through core-dominant movements, reducing the need to seek out passive treatment from healthcare providers.

Experience a Powerful Shift in How You Relate to Your Body

You can't continue using your body the same old way if you want to get rid of chronic back pain.

It's the process of changing your body awareness that gets you out of the back pain spiral for good.

Even exercises are a temporary fix if you don't make true changes to how you move.

So you must look at how you operate your body through a new lens.

That's what Core Balance Training does...

It teaches you a new way to connect with your core and relate to your body.

It guides you away from the unhealthy, limb-dependent pattern of movement, and towards core-centered, confident movement... The best part?

Eventually this becomes your default movement pattern... happening automatically.

Who is Core
Balance Training for?

This unique program is for you if....

  • You avoid certain movements or change how you move out of fear that you’ll hurt your back.

  • You experience periodic episodes when your back "goes out” and you must recover for a length of time.

  • Your back hurts when standing or sitting all day at work (desk jobs, entrepreneurs, IT, etc.)

  • Your chronic back pain limits you from participating in life (exercising, work, playing with kids, sports, etc.)

  • You experience a negative mindset about your back (fear, stress, anxiety, hopelessness, depression).

  • You’re stuck in the medical system (surgery, X-rays, MRIs, pills, injections, back braces).

  • You’ve tried alternative treatments without success (Chiropractic, acupuncture, cupping, yoga, etc.)

Here’s What a Few Grateful Students Have to Say….

❝ Phase 1 & 2 of this program has changed my life. I've lived with back pain for 10 yrs and I'm kicking myself for not finding this solution sooner! âž

Rohan de Launey
San Diego, CA

❝ I now KNOW that surgery will never need to happen because this program is teaching me how to get control over my body, break poor habits and connect me with my core again. I am devoted for life. âž

Cherie Baker
Retired Physical Therapy Assistant

❝ I've finally stopped following all the thousand other gurus/quick fixes out there and I only follow the Core Balance Training Program. âž

Oliver Turner
Warrenton, VA

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Our simple, straightforward refund policy:

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Experience a life-changing reduction in back pain within 30 days, or get your money back.

Outline of the 3 Month Program:

Phase 1:
Deep Core Anchors Activation

Focused on getting you pain relief quickly.

Learn how to connect with your "3 Core Anchors" and ease the pressure on your spine immediately with gentle, progressive practices.

Phase 2:
Core Connection with Movement

Focused on helping you perform everyday activities without pain.

Learn how to maintain connection with your "Anchors" during basic movements - including walking, squatting down, and picking things up off the floor.

Phase 3:
All Movement Becomes Therapy

Focused on getting you back to a higher level of physical activity, like sports or playing with a child.

Learn how to connect your "Anchors" in all types of motion, so living the active life you love becomes your therapy.


⦁ Movement Analysis - I personally coach you out of the back pain cycle by critiquing your exercise videos submitted in the Coaching Hub. Receive personalized video feedback on your form and core connection during the exercises, tailored to your specific needs.

⦁ Live Q&A Sessions - Get exclusive access to our Coaching Hub with other students on the same healing journey. This is where I hold periodic Live Q&A Sessions. You’ll always feel supported, motivated and on-track while you go through the training.

In Just 15 Minutes a Day…

You’ll Create The Foundation For Lifelong Pain Relief From:

⦁ Stenosis

⦁ Herniated Disc

⦁ Bulging Disc

⦁ Degenerative Disc Disease

⦁ Sciatica

⦁ SI Joint Pain

⦁ Spondylolisthesis

⦁ Scoliosis

⦁ Back Surgery Post-Op

⦁ Non-Specific Back Pain

⦁ Anterior Pelvic Tilt

⦁ Poor Posture

⦁ And many more

⦁ Stenosis

⦁ Herniated/Bulging Disc

⦁ Degenerative Disc Disease

⦁ Sciatica

⦁ Spondylolisthesis

⦁ Back Surgery Post-Op

⦁ Non-Specific LBP

⦁ SI Joint Pain

⦁ Scoliosis

⦁ Anterior Pelvic Tilt

⦁ Poor Posture

⦁ And many more

Try it for free

Core Balance Training Doesn’t Just "Treat" Back Pain. It Heals the Root Cause For Permanent Relief.

  • Improve your health, relationships, sex life, and job satisfaction
  • End toxic emotions, such as depression, anxiety, fear and hopelessness
  • Return to the activities you love without fear of hurting your back
  • Feel confident movement and body awareness with results in Week 1… Guaranteed.

What Sets
Core Balance

Training Apart?

The #1 thing that makes Core Balance Training different from the rest is that IT WORKS... PERMANENTLY.

It's a uniquely structured progression of movement retraining that has permanent effects on your body awareness and the way you move through life.

It is effective for all ages and fitness levels because anyone can reconnect to their core by following the step-by-step process.

By the end of the program, you’ll have a new and exciting relationship with your core, with your body, and the way you move.

You’ll embody a new feeling of core connection and posture that will improve all areas of your life.

With confident, pain free movement, you’ll be able to enjoy the life you love without hurting your back.

Ready to Climb Out of the Back Pain Cycle?

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