Core Balance Training

Reverse The Root Cause Of Lower Back Pain With A Deep Connection To Your Core In Posture & Movement.
A New Paradigm In Body Awareness.


Connect To Your Deep Core

Transform the way you relate to your body, and the way you move.

1. Postural Awareness

Develop a new awareness of posture by connecting with your deep core - the foundation of postural stability.

2. Core Movement

Transition away from limb dominant movement and learn to originate movement from your core with core dominance.

3. Core Balance

With core dominant movement, the body naturally restores balance, reversing the root cause of lower back pain.

Dr. Ryan Peebles, DPT

Before becoming a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Ryan suffered from back pain for over a decade, struggling to find answers as a student of many disciplines.

He discovered that the solution was not exercises. It was a new sense of body awareness, and the exercises are just tools to develop this new relationship.

Dr. Ryan developed a passion for posture & movement retraining, and created the program to help others achieve the same success.

ICED Podcast - Special Guest Dr. Ryan Peebles DPT

The Art Of C.O.R.E.

  • onnect to Your Deep Core
  • riginate Movement from Core
  • egroove Core Dominant Patterns
  • scape Pain Cycle & Return to Active Life

A structured progression of movement retraining that begins with developing awareness of your core, and ends with core dominant movement in all activities of life.

It Begins In The Mind

In order to get out of the downward spiral of chronic back pain, you must shift your mindset about what back pain represents.



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