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How To Reverse The Root Cause Of Chronic Lower Back Pain

What The Medical System Isn't Telling You...

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With Dr. Ryan Peebles, DPT


  • Doctor of Physical Therapy who suffered from chronic lower back pain for over a decade.

  • Author of The Fundamentals Of Reversing Back Pain

  • Instructor with 14 years experience in Lower Back Pain Rehabilitation

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Learn 3 Necessary Mind Shifts To Permanently Reverse Back Pain


Shift I

Know The Root Cause Of Chronic Back Pain So You Can Begin To Solve It (Hint: Take A Full Body Perspective)

Shift II

Learn Why The Current Medical System Will Never Permanently Fix Your Back - And Find Out Who Can 

Shift III

CRITICAL CONCEPT: How To Reconnect To Your Deep Core, & Why It's The Key To Permanent Change

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